Quick Start Grill - Charcoal Grill That Automatically Starts The Charcoal

Quick Start Grill

Charcoal Grill That Automatically Starts The Charcoal


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The Problem

Charcoal blocks ignite at a temperature of 660 Fahrenheit. Conventional grills use some lighter fluid(lpg or kerosene) to ignite the charcoal but the use of lighter fluid is not safe as there is always a chance of spillage.

The Solution

Quick Start Grill uses a built in heating element that heats up to 950F to quickly ignite charcoal blocks in the grill in just 3-4 min. The heating element takes 2 mins to fully heat up.




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25.08.2019 15:27

This is cool. Checking the charcoal and making sure the heat comes on can be stressful when done manually. This will really help and save time...

25.08.2019 17:14

It is not easy to light charcoal to roast meat at camping. It must be good equipment to make this automatic.

26.08.2019 00:38

This Quick Start Grill is mind-blowing I know how hard to light the charcoal without these chemicals like gas, lighter or plastic you can't light the charcoal but using this you can easily light the charcoal automatically you can save a lot of money and time.

26.08.2019 02:32

This is a very good solution, here in Greece we are grilling many times in a year , so I think a product like this will be very careful. Thanks a lot for the hunt and the solution. Have s nice day

26.08.2019 06:38

That's really a super cool thing. We all have to struggle to light up the charcoal. I hope BBQ would be more hassle-free now with this. Nice find!

26.08.2019 10:59

@xabi, cool hunt. I love this quick grill. It is great to know that the grill can get started with easily ignitable charcoal blocks and we don't need to wait around to start eating quickly. This is great for family outing at camp and to get dinner ready quickly. Great hunt.

26.08.2019 13:17


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