ProCharge 2 - Simple device to prolongs your phone's battery life

ProCharge 2

Simple device to prolongs your phone's battery life


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ProCharge 2 is a device that protects your device battery from overcharging and elevated temperatures due to overnight charging.
It lets you set the delays time and charging time to ensure that you get fully charged battery in the mornings and the battery remains healthy.
It stops the fast charging feature to prevent battery from stress

  • Compatible with all USB A compatible devices devices



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Wow ..this charging device is very stylish and unique. Hope this are well modified with more facilities. People choice this very easily. Thanks for share.

09.11.2019 15:52

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09.11.2019 16:47

• it's completable
•One can easily controlled the specified time he wants his phone to charge
•Anyone that will love to prolong their phone's battery cell should get this


09.11.2019 17:30

This device has very logical reason behind its making and why we need it. I agree, and most of the people who has the knowledge about the ionic structure of the batteries would agree too, overcharging does affect battery's life in a negative way by raising their temperatures. Good hunt, @xabi.

Have a nice day

09.11.2019 21:13

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-
This is really needed and I have seen most of the people put their phone on charging overnight and almost every phone without fast charging takes 2-3.5 hrs for the complete charge. It will definitely help to increase the battery's life.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

10.11.2019 02:52

A useful gadget for mobile phone users as we tend to forget to remove the phone when it is fully charged. Modern day phones are equipped with over charge protection so normally no need to worry about over charging but this tool should help to enhance the battery efficiency as continuous charging will hurt battery life. Cool Search

10.11.2019 08:09

overcharging isn't a problem these days with most phones I think. However, may be cheap phones have that problem and I am all for cheaper phones. elevated temperatures is surely a problem with most phones and this device is very useful for that. my xyz flagship turns into an oven sometimes when charging.

10.11.2019 09:34

I heard a lot of accident happen due to overcharging and elevated temperature . ProCharge 2 seems to be a nice device which minimized the chances of accident. By the way what is the price of this device?

10.11.2019 09:39

This ProCharge 2 is fantastic device that keeps phone safe from over charging. Its must have for everyone a we all use phones. Thanks for sharing nice hunt.

10.11.2019 11:10

Overcharging affects life of battery and many times we dont notice and it kept on charging for long. Good that this device exist that works to save battery when its charged. Useful hunt

10.11.2019 11:59

Petty innovative product to minimise battery losses specially for those who charge their phones plugged in overnight. Heating and overcharging lessens phone battery life and this simple yet effective small device prevent that from happening. Useful Hunt.

10.11.2019 12:40

Great Hunt! Really a great and useful device for everyone because we don't know the exact timing of a battery that when the charging will complete so this is the best solution to protect our smartphone battery from overcharging and increase the battery life nice hunt

10.11.2019 13:41


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