PhoneBook - Turn ANY Smartphone into a Laptop Computer


Turn ANY Smartphone into a Laptop Computer


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Hunter's comment

PhoneBook is a plu any play device that turns any smartphone in a 15.6" touch screen laptop.

  • Touch screen
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Windows on the cloud
  • Smartphone charging



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28.10.2019 15:08


28.10.2019 15:53

It is really a good hunt because we can turn our smartphone into a laptop computer. Great hunt.

28.10.2019 15:25

This is cool, having this won't make you miss having a laptop that much. Nice one

28.10.2019 16:51

Hi dear @xabi your product is really appreciable and I am going to try it. But first i don my other favorite work. People's are also like and appreciate your product because it's a great idea for turning your mobile into a laptop computer.

28.10.2019 17:42

Really interesting. I can easily turn my tablet to a laptop with this. I will have a further look and try to get one if the price is affordable. Cool hunt

28.10.2019 19:11

Wow. Mobile games with keyboard and mouse. Sometimes i felt this kind of technology. But its now reality. I can do so. Mobile games are different and sometimes loving. Now can play them with keyboard and mouse. Very smart hunting.

29.10.2019 01:08

Awesome One!
I is damn awesome and we don't need to buy laptop for basic things and it also allows us to play our favorite game on the bigger screen. It is super easy to use and setup.
Thank You and Have a GooD DaY!

29.10.2019 03:23

one day smartphones will be laptops, microsoft already works on that

29.10.2019 03:29

I am sure playing mobile game on laptop and compuet with the help of mouse and keyboard is fun because we get bigger sceen and better controls. This software if fabulous and fun. Great Hunt

29.10.2019 04:16

This is cool, i do most of my work on mobile, nearly 90% of it. I could use such a device if i ever needed to use a bigger screen. Phones these days are quite powerful to do all basic professional tasks as well.

29.10.2019 04:40

I think for most tasks, the only computer i need is the one in my pocket therefore i really like this product coz it help put users iPhone or Android phone to work pretty cool. It's probably the coolest tech i have seen in 2019. Excellent Hunt

29.10.2019 08:21

People love to use big screen. Easy and effective way to play games on big screen without any efforts. I would love to try. By the way what is the price of phone book?

29.10.2019 13:25

Great hunt dear friend
This is really awesome product through which we can turn our smartphone and tablets into laptops. There are so many things which we can not do on our mobile phone and it will help us to do these things through our smartphones.
Thanks for sharing with us.

29.10.2019 13:54

Nice hunt! This is something useful and especially for gamers because sometimes PC doesn't support some games so this will be the best option and easy way to turn your phone into a pc nice hunt

29.10.2019 14:17


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