Paperlike 2 - Make your iPad feel like paper

Paperlike 2

Make your iPad feel like paper


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Hunter's comment

The key ingredient for the new Paperlike is the new Surface Technology "Nanodots". We called it that for a very simple reason: because we've basically sprinkled tiny dots across the screen protector's foil. These dots don't disturb the light as much, thus you get a rougher screen with less refraction.

Paperlike 2 is a protective screen for iPad, designed for artists and those who like to draw on paper. It give the feel of paper when writing or drawing.

Enjoy the technology and conventional paper feeling at the same time.


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Comments 17

This is a rally cool software that can let yu write just like on paper cool hunt!

20.08.2019 16:09

Nice hunt, i like it :)

21.08.2019 00:46

This is a great discovery, drawing on our ipad cant be more exciting than this. Artist will find it useful

21.08.2019 01:01

Awesome ONe!
Even I have one iPad 2016 model and even latest one also has some sleepery surface and it increase difficulty to draw micro sketch and we lack for roughness that is important for a Artist to have feel of Real paper on Screen as well.
Thank You and Have a Good DaY!

21.08.2019 01:49

Hi hunter,

Thanks for your contribution. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

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21.08.2019 03:04

Its kind of dual usase as we can use as ipad and another feature is to use as paper.

Impressive hunt

21.08.2019 03:18

Technology is making things possible that are even difficult to imagine. This is impressive and gives 2 options to go for.

21.08.2019 03:38

WoW after watching some of it's reviews i must say that it is PaperLike, not only it works as a screen protector but also make feel like users are writing on paper awesome. Users can also increase friction which really give them more control with the pencil, It definitely gives iPad an entirely new feel. I would say that its one of the best iPad accessory i ever see. Awesome Search

21.08.2019 05:45

It looks like a great technology. I think it can give a better feeling of drawing digitally. And kids can easily step into the digital drawing through this tool.
Nice find!

21.08.2019 08:51

Greetings @xabi,

This is an interesting.......fantastic concept.

There does seem to be something missing when it comes to working on the screens to produce artwork......perhaps this inovation will fill the bill.

Here's to their success!

Thank you for the introduction.


21.08.2019 11:52

Great Hunt! This is an amazing paperlike surface for iPad it would be helpful for kids and artist to make digital art and drawing without hesitation and it will protect your screen from damaging also nice and useful hunt

21.08.2019 13:06

Good at screen when you want to do something can write with the help of it without any irritation.and it will be neat and clean.

21.08.2019 13:24

The brains behind this concept are actually what amazes me about this hunt. Soon we would have to need for papers

21.08.2019 13:42

I don't have ipad but it looks that it would be easy and nice experience to enjoy this tool.this is also new and interesting thing.

21.08.2019 13:45

This really is going to help artist and art lovers, now they can draw on this i pad with out getting their clothes dirty.

21.08.2019 14:38

Like Paperlike 2 @xabi

  • Does it need a special stylus or pen?
  • Other than the paper feel, is the graphics experience better than Apple Pencil?
21.08.2019 15:00


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