MyVoice - AI translator that translate 75 languages


AI translator that translate 75 languages


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The AI Translator is the partner that you need on your side as you navigate all the most complex areas of your life, moving from one phase into another and letting nothing hold you back.

MyVoice is an AI powered translator that can translate 75 languages. It is easy to use and all you need is a wifi connection. It can even translate from pictures. It has an accuracy of 97% with a standby battery time of 150hr.




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Very interesting idea. The problem with all these kickstarter campaigns is they are all vying for precious resources. It is amazing how much creativity and innovation there is. That means a lot of people fighting for scare resources.

This will change with the introduction of crypto based fundraising. Ideahunt is really going to alter things I believe since Hunters will then turn into venture capitalists.

18.08.2019 13:09

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18.08.2019 15:36

Wow ...just very innovative. Hope this device is very useful for our comfortable life. internet is really necessary for our daily life. Overall this device is well modified with more facilities portable, internet facilities is high quality and others very well. Overall nice .

18.08.2019 16:41

First of all capability of translation for 75 languages is a wonderful feature, depends on the quality of the translataion though, and I hope, with increasing accuracy of AI translation over time would make it a more valueable tool.

What I loved the most is its feature to translate even from the picture.

18.08.2019 21:09

boom no problem in understanding other languages as long as we have this myvoice.. just yesterday a friend shared me a meme and the words were written in another language and i couldn't decipher the meaning until i checked google..

18.08.2019 22:05

This is a great tool for tourist and those find themselves doing business in different countries. This would totally overcome any form of the language barrier

18.08.2019 23:57

I also sometimes use a translator. This comment was also made using a translator. I welcome the continued creation of useful translators.

19.08.2019 00:21

75 languages, very nice. Should work on 4g and great tool for travellers. Never will anyone be lost in translation.

19.08.2019 03:56

Like the MyVoice Le Chat feature, @xabi, where up-to 500 people in multi-language & multi-person settings can chat. Suppliers & customers in different countries could easily communicate.
Interesting Hunt!

19.08.2019 06:25

To me it's fantastic pocket translator and i like it because it allow users to understand many different languages with ease. I think this is an amazing product for travelers or peoples who like to meet new peoples with this tool there are no more language barriers as it translate over 75 languages giving peoples the confidence to travel far and connect with locals. Great Hunt

19.08.2019 06:29

Great and innovative find. We have going to world tour and never understand other countries language. This translator helps us to understand other countries language very easily. This translator translate 75 languages. Thats great.

19.08.2019 07:09


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