Maniac Minion || Entry for Splinterlands Art Contest Week 61 ||

Greetings, Steemians...

🌟Art Time🌟

This is my first time participating in Splinterlands Art Contest.

Regardless whether I win or not, but I must admit that creating Splinterlands related art so much fun. I enjoyed the open endedness(freedom) of this art contest.

==So here I go.(Brace yourself)==


Damn...Look at that naughty smile.

Maniac Minion

  • Not much is know about his origin as this little abomination came into being under sliding tectonics of the fiery lands. Taking pleasure in inflicting pain on others, Maniac Minion knows no mercy. *

Creation Process

I created this digital art using Adobe Illustrator.
Here are some steps in the form of collage...
BeFunky-collage (2).jpg
BeFunky-collage (4).jpg


Card Making I used the Monster Maker for making the card. Maniac Minion possess a unique ability called SMILE which means it will demoralise the monster it attacks (Kind of opposite of Rage). .


That will be all for today. Take very good care of yourself and people around you.

Until next time...


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Look at that naughty smile!!

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