LITTLE LEAGUE Rule in Effect: Weekly Battle Challenge


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This is my submission in SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge.

This week's theme is LITTLE LEAGUE

LITTLE LEAGUE rule means that only monsters and summoners upto mana cost of 4 are allowed in the battle. When encountering LITTLE LEAGUE rule, I prefer to play with fire, water or dragon splinters(Certain formats tend to favor certain summoners). Following are my favorite cards in this game format.


My Entry

This is one of the best battle that I played in a long time, with LITTLE LEAGUE rule. I tried to implement the idea of having +2 attack for my melee monsters and my strategy worked perfectly.

Battle Link

Team Selection and Placement
I used DARIA DRAGONSCALE as a summoner because of two reasons,s, one 24 mana bale cap being enough to wawarrant the use of 4 mana mmoner and seconond, dran summoner can summon some awawesome epic dran monsters e.g. MANTICORE, FIRE SPITTER etc. With DARIA, I choose to play witith earth splter(not my usual choice for this s format, though)</cente
I used BICERATOPS in the front because it has good attack with decent health and shield.(Although not as some other 4 mana epic and rare cards). Thanks to DARIA and BROWNIE it got +2 melee attack.
Then, I placed MANTICORE one down. For the record MANTICORE is among my top favorite cards in the game. Decent attack, speed and great health with some crazy combination of abilities(flying, reach, thorns). Now remember I have +2 melee attack and +1 speed attack boost(thanks to DARIA and BROWNIE). How cruel!
On third position I used WOOD NYMPH for the purpose of healing. It is always good to have some healer in the back, if the situation allows. (How many time we have seen healing proving its worth?)
On fourth came the SCREECHING VULTURE. I used it due to opportunity ability. Only a fool wouldn't want an opportunity card costing only 3 mana with 4 melee attack in the team.
I placed BROWNIE on the second last, mainly because it has the inspire ability. I also have swiftness ability as an additional perk. Awesome combo of abilities especially considering low mana cost of only 1.
On the very last, I placed FIRE SPITTER as it has decent ranged attack. Plus it has good health and speed to sustain some sneak damage.


Having +2 melee attack really gave me an edge over the opponent. My MANTICORE and SCREECHING VULTURE laid waste to the enemy ranks as each of them had 4 melee attack with Reach and Opportunity abilities, respectively.

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Take very good care of yourself and people close to you..
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Nice strategy! I do agree, I think trying to get 2 melee really gives the advantage in this ruleset. Love the formatting of your post! Looks awesome!


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