iPin Spatial Ruler Pro - Take a Photo first and Measure Later!

iPin Spatial Ruler Pro

Take a Photo first and Measure Later!


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Hunter's comment

iPin Spatial Ruler Pro is a laser optical measuring tool that allows you to measure distances, dimensions of spaces or things. Just aim, shoot and measure.
Unlike its predecessor you can shoot photo and take measurements latter.





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This laser optical measuring tool will be a good tool that will be very important for all building designers, architect and even fine artists. Well done.

25.12.2019 15:29

I must confess that this is really awesome because it helps you get your picture in the same size he wants it.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all

26.12.2019 14:42

Here is a interesting tool to help with building, woodwork's, furniture arrangement and more, the "iPin Spatial Ruler Pro" unlike its predecessor you can now also shoot a photo and you can then take the measurements later which could be more helpful to visualise ideas.

26.12.2019 18:20

great hunt, i remember a similar product from earlier, hunted ages ago, also finished top 5 i think. that is how useful it is. specially when house hunting. I am sure it can work for small objects as well. I recently got a new phone for someone and best would have been to check dimensions using such an app. this is so versatile.

27.12.2019 02:02

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-
Well, This measuring tool is very useful and makes measuring much easier and helps us to get approx dimensions from a distance. It is small in size and easy to use.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

27.12.2019 02:44

Such a nice tool to measurements. There are many places where doing physical measurement difficult but with this one its super easy. Good use of technology to make things easy. Cool hunt

27.12.2019 04:36

I have seen few apps which measures oj real time and live but this is something that's quite new for me when we can take photo and can measure later. Indeed a cool way to measure and easy to measure as well. Quite useful. Nice one

27.12.2019 04:43

COOL! This app is must need for those who wanted to measure the dimension of the place. Normally, Engineers need such tools. Nice hunting..

27.12.2019 05:34

Wow this tool looks great and if works fine is amaxx c big , I will use it and I will come back with my feedback, thanks for this you done a great job

27.12.2019 05:39

I completely love the ease of this amazing product. The accuracy might drop sometimes. But whenever you need rough measurements and in case you are measuring something that's hard to reach with a tape or ruler in had iPin is going to be a great companion :)

27.12.2019 06:29

First time I know about this useful tool, it is really helpful to users for measuring objects. I just thinking this product will be useful for many people whose jobs deal with measuring objects such as making crafts or else. Overall handy app to use and measure things. Excellent Search

27.12.2019 06:32

This is a really great tool. This laser optical instrument is a good tool for making measurements. It is a useful tool to bring the photo to the same size and you can also shoot photos from it. It is very easy. cool hunting

27.12.2019 07:05


  • Very useful app.
  • easy to download.
  • free to use.
  • you can capture photo first and take measurement later.


  • non
27.12.2019 10:02

Really an amazing app, specially for those who in construction business, they need to measure the length, height of the place many times, this will give them ease

27.12.2019 10:47

Wow, this is a great innovation and also it is a time-saving gadget. For interior work and construction work, it is really a great tool.

27.12.2019 12:39

Wow this is amazing product. Taking measurements of any building otr other structure is too difficult we can use this app to measure such types of difficult task. Great hunt.

27.12.2019 12:51

Great hunt dear friend
I have seen this type of tool in my friend mobile through which you can know your height. This tool is more modified and very usefull.
Thanks for sharing with us.

27.12.2019 13:05

It is an amazing and innovative laser measuring tool that can make your work quite easy and interesting. If you are an engineer or works in construction management then this might be the best thing you must own to make your work interesting and speedy. Well done.

27.12.2019 13:29

It will make measuring dimension and distances simpler and easy and you don't need extra measuring tape, tools and efforts to measure distance. I would love to try this tool. Nice hunt.

27.12.2019 13:37

This application must be great for measuring photos in a very simple way. That looks really cool to making photos more unique.

27.12.2019 14:13

Great hunt! It will be very useful for any object to measure the length, dimensions and other things related to measurement with the helo of this app sounds good. However, it will be limited for some objects and can not replace the tape by the way nice hunt

27.12.2019 14:42

Appreciable efforts. It's useful tool to take a Photo first and Measure Later. Help and useful to get dimenssion from distance.

27.12.2019 19:38

Awesome ONe!
It is the next generation of measuring tool that makes measuring as simple as possible using rays. I have seen the same hunt yesterday as well.
Thank you and Have a GooD daY!

28.12.2019 01:16

Wow my dear friend it is very good product for me and it is useful for me. Thank you very much for sharing with us

28.12.2019 04:35

Amazing Hunt! Measurement was not that much easy ever. I wish I could have A speed measuring App too.

28.12.2019 13:26

If this can provide accurate measurement of objects such as trees, I will definitely get one for my research. I'm digging in to see how accurate it can be. Cool hunt!

28.12.2019 14:45

best app..

28.12.2019 19:53

Smarter way to measure sounds nice, I guess efficiency is guaranteed. This should be a handy reach for engineers and interior decorators to make good use of available space. Nice hunt!

28.12.2019 23:04


hi hinter, a very nice way to measure distance. I appreciate the effort :)

29.12.2019 13:38

This is a really great spatial measurement app, it would be great for all kinds of different jobs and businesses. Great hunt!

29.12.2019 16:28

Thanks for such a useful hunting. Measuring tape is now always at hand through mobile

30.12.2019 04:52

This laser optical measuring tool is awesome invention to bring comfort for the professionals as well as routine measurements. Thanks for sharing this amazing Hunt with us.

30.12.2019 05:59

I bet architecture students everywhere will have wished they got this for Christmas. Real estate agents will love it too! It does make it easier to measure buildings and structures.

30.12.2019 11:03

iPin Spatial Ruler Pro can be useful when buying furniture to verify whether the item would fit in the available space.
Useful Hunt. @xabi
Thank you.

30.12.2019 14:45


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