HumanCharger - Benefits of Sunlight On-Demand


Benefits of Sunlight On-Demand


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Hunter's comment

HumanCharger gives you a boost of energy, improves mood and increases mental alertness. It is a perfect defense against the blues.

Sun light powers all the bio life on our little planet. Absence or lack of exposure to sun light can have degrading effects on human body.
HumanCharger provides a supplement to sunlight. It is especially useful for people living in areas where there is little sun exposure or those having long flights facing jet lag.

  • Only 12 minute session
  • improved mood and mental alertness



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07.09.2019 15:33

I have never thought about something. But I understand people who can't get much sun can try this. It looks promising but not sure if it will work or not.
Nice find!

08.09.2019 03:24

I don’t know if this thing done it’s job and I would love to get feedback from someone already use it but the idea it’s amazing . Hope someone give me a feedback, anyway you done a great work hunter and I am upvoting this hunt

08.09.2019 04:25

interesting concept. actually i do understand that seasonal depression is a thing in europe and due less sunlight during winters, many suffer from it. if this works, thn its great.

08.09.2019 06:16

I never through and heard anything like this. Quite a nice concept and sun light is needed for humans and hope it does its job perfectly. Impressive hunt

08.09.2019 06:43

Sunlight is necessary for human bones, immunity system and muscles. Humancharger seems to be a good alternative for places where there is little sun exposure. Nice hunt @xabi

08.09.2019 07:15

It has always been harmful to tamper with the real creations of God, but at present many applications have come through which we can change the shape of our face, although not in real terms, but can artificially make some changes. Yes, we have heard about plastic surgery, which can change the shape of our face, but through the application it is probably a bit strange to hear.
Wow very interesting hunt.

08.09.2019 10:36

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Yes, It seems awesome but I have still confusion how it can produce give energy like Sun Light as it is small and it looks like an earphone. :thinking:

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

08.09.2019 13:17


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08.09.2019 15:22