Go GOBLIN MECHs Attack🔥🔥🔥Weekly Battle Challenge


Greetings, Steemians...

🌟It is Weekly Challenge Time🌟

And The GOBLIN MECH is under spotlight!!!

This is my submission in SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge.
This week's theme is GOBLIN MECH

GOBLIN MECH is a common neutral card. It has moderate health and speed along with awesome shield and attack. It costs 10 mama and possesses Piercing and Stun capabilities. It is a nice entry level card especially suitable in lower leagues. But as you climb up the ranks, magic attack opponents makes it an mediocre choice. However some battle rules make it a perfect attacking option. e.g. Magic hits armor before reducing health, All melee attack monsters have sneak ability, Melee attack monsters can attack from any position and Only monsters with melee attack may be used in battle.



This is a 37 mana battle with two battle rules, one: Monsters with the lowest speed attack first and have highest chance of evading attacks and second: Melee attack monsters can attack from any position. Perfect conditions for the use of heavy melee attack cards likes GOBLIN MECH. From the previous 5 battles the opponent didn't used the Magic Reflect ability, making me inclined to use magic attack monsters in my team.

  • I used the my favorite card LORD ARIANTHUS upfront to soak up the attack. Crazy combination of awesome abilities indeed.

  • In the 2nd position, I used the GOBLIN MECH .High melee attack with Piercing and Stun abilities.

  • In the 3nd position, I used the ELEMENTAL PHOENIXbecause it packs nice magic puch due to Blast ability and has decent health to take some beating.

  • On the fourth position BEETLE QUEEN was mainly due to her Tank Heal ability.

  • Then, I placed CERBERUS on second last position. Great melee attack with Heal ability, makes it perfect to ward off sneak attacks.

  • On the last I used ENCHANTED DEFENDER. As the name says, it is an awesome defender of the tail due to heavy shield and Thorns ability.

LORD ARIANTHUS absorbed the starting heavy melee attack of the enemy, providing the rest of the team in the back opportunity to attack. ENCHANTED DEFENDER easily took care of the sneak attacks also and the rest is history.

So, what do you think about the above battle? If you have gotten into any cool battle using GOBLIN MECH, do share them with me and with @splinterlands.


That will be all for today.
Take very good care of yourself and people close to you..
Until next time...


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