Funtory Magic Carpet - AR carpet for your baby

Funtory Magic Carpet

AR carpet for your baby


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Hunter's comment


Funtory Magic Carpet is a mat for your toddler. It combines awesome design with educational AR technology.

  • AR educational games
  • Safe material
  • Fall proof soft cushion
  • Anti slip
  • Scratch proof and easy to clean



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Comments 18

It is really good product for kids , our baby can have good fun and enjoy. Great hunt.

01.01.2020 03:19

Excellent hunt @xabi! This is so brilliant. Turning a playing mat into a smart educational tool that kids will love. Incredible thinking on the part of the maker. AR itself will be so fascinating and kids will learn about new things while playing.

01.01.2020 05:50

AWESOME HUNT!! This mat is really left all the latest technology stuff far away for the toddlers. Kids love such mats especially AR-powered are pretty good.

01.01.2020 07:35

Children always like to play Games on mobile phone or tablets. This carpet looks like a Unique AR platform where children learn and play many activities. It is specially design to give education in fun way. Excellent Search

01.01.2020 07:50

Love it. Alongside its application, which is superb, the brain behind the design is brilliant, material and manufacturing, no doubt, are state of the art.

01.01.2020 11:26

Seems very interesting source of entertainment for kids to enjoy with effective learning. It will surely make learning more comprehensive. Brilliant Hunt.

01.01.2020 11:50

This is a really cool find. I love it when an everyday kid's gear of device combines with education. I wish I could get this for kid. Nice one

01.01.2020 12:20

Very stylish looking carpet. The world it is in the carpet so so very much useful for the kids to learn geography with joy. And there are photos of different animals which will help the children's to find out the animals and ask for the name. Very very good idea to teach children with some enjoy. Very good hunting

01.01.2020 12:49

This is a kind of carpet that everyone should have who have kids at home because it has many features that are good for kids to learn and play. cool hunt

01.01.2020 13:12


  • AR involved.
  • Scratch proof.
  • easy to clean.
  • Educational for kids.


  • non
01.01.2020 13:19

Love this product. This is good product for little babies they can use this to play on it. Great hunt

01.01.2020 13:20

Hey, i was looking for something like this, It will definitely help the students in their learning, and make them intelligent.

01.01.2020 13:32

Well, It will have great fun for kids and they would definitely love to explore even more and be curious. AR is just awesome that brings more interactivity with the virtual world.

01.01.2020 14:28

This is amazing AR educational games with Safe material. yes this all in one in Fall proof soft cushion

01.01.2020 14:46


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01.01.2020 15:21

Nice hunt

01.01.2020 16:26

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