Finally Ended Up in Gold League: Awesome Daily Quest Reward


Greetings, Splinterlands Lovers...

🌟It's daily quest reward time🌟


Yesterday, I finally ended up in Gold I League. With almost two days remaining in season ending, it finally got easy for me to move up from Gold II to Gold I league(May be because all the legends already climbed up to Champion and Diamond League). For now I am happy to earn my 8 daily quest reward cards, but I am also looking forward to receive 30 season reward cards.


So now I am going to share my my today's daily reward. I usually don't share my daily reward unless they are really cool. So here we go...

A common gold, one rare and two epics out of 8 reward cards, not bad for a days earning.
So, did anybody else received some cool daily reward cards? Don't hesitate to share.

A Side Note

I am currently also playing Hearthstone to draw a comparison and write a post comparing Splinterlands and Heartstone.


That will be all for today.
Take very good care of yourself and people close to you..
Until next time...


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