FALLEN SPECTER: Is it worth the risk????


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🌟Daily Quest Reward Time🌟

Finally after a long time, I have got a legendary in my daily quest reward. My daily quest was "Stir the Volcano"(Win 5 battles with fire splinter), which I completed easily. I am currently sitting in the GOLD II League, meaning 7 quest reward cards.



https://ipfs.busy.org/ipfs/Qme9TZQHXorypRn7x5R3bgPAbw1qdxTkksQdZ1TQ1m8nxb Fallen Specter is a highly revered legendary death monster. The uniques set of abilities it holds up its sleeve make it a true legend. Although not really useful at level 1, at level 4 it becomes a true killing machine with an exceptional speed of 6 along with Flying, Demoralize, Headwind and Blind abilities(almost impossible to target with melee and ranged attacks). .


The only vulnerability it possesses is it's low health, as it's own magic attack of 1 can be reflected back to kill it. So be careful in using it against enemy deck having Magic Reflect ability. But the good thing is it costs just 2 mana, so may be worth the risk using it in low mana battles where chances of Magic Reflect are minimum.


Have you ever used FALLEN SPECTER ???

Do share your strategy with me, in the comments below👇
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If you suspect to meet a non-reflect tank or if you have monsters with Strength in your team, increasing the Spectors life, it is an amazing card to play.


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