Earth is Shaking๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ Weekly Battle Challenge


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It is Weekly Challenge Time!!!

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This is my participation in SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge. This week's theme is Earthquake Rule.
When I started playing Splinterlands I hated Earthquake Rule, but once I got some flying monsters in my pocket I started enjoying it. Now I consider Earthquake rule as an opportunity. A chance to take on the higher level opponents. I personally think that Earthquake rule levels to playing field to a much more extant than other rules. It is just a matter of choosing the right cards that suits the situation.

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This is a 15 mana battle with only one battle rule: Earthquake i.e. Non-flying Monsters take two Melee damage at the end of each round. Low mana battle with Earthquake rule in play, meaning margin of error is very low. I choose to use fire splitter because I possess strong fire flying monsters. I usually play using dragon summoner(DARIA DRAGONSCALE) when Earthquake rule applies but since DARIA DRAGONSCALE costs more mana so using dragon summoner is not feasible in low mana battle.

  • I used the my favorite card LORD ARIANTHUS upfront to soak up the attack. Plus it takes less damage due to Earthquake rule.

  • In the 2nd position, I used the ELEMENTAL PHOENIXbecause it is immune to Earthquake due to flying ability and packs nice magic puch due to Blast ability and has decent health to take some beating.

  • On the third position IMP BOWMAN was used as it has Flying ability with 2 range attack at just 2 mana cost.

  • On the last I used FURIOUS CHICKEN. Zero mana card, can stop the first sneak attack. Cool!!!

The battle swung from one side to another but in the end my flying monsters did their job. LORD ARIANTHUS absorbed the attack and Earthquake damage.

So, what do you think about the above battle? If you have gotten into any cool battle with Earthquake Rule, do share it with me and with @splinterlands.


That will be all for today.
Take very good care of yourself and people close to you..
Until next time...


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