DRAGON JUMPER🐲🐲🐲Is it worth it???


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Dragon Jumpers are not Dragons themselves. That would be foolish for the Gloridax, with the high rate of failure and death in this particular profession. These soldiers are trained to literally jump off of Dragons’ backs and into battle zones. Thin, leather webbing worn between their limbs slows the fall of the Dragon Jumper just enough for them to survive the landing (usually).


Dragon Jumper belongs to the untamed class of legendary dragon monsters. They(Level 1) have decent melee attack of 3 and health of 6. WIth Epic summoner DARIA DRAGONSCALE its melee attack enhances to 4. But the best thing is that it is really fast(speed: 5) and possesses the Flying and Opportunity ability, making it a force to recon with. It can easily and quickly take out heavy cards in the back row. On paper Dragon Jumpers is awesome and trust me it is awesome. But like all other cards it has some shortcomings which can be exploited to effectively counter it.

  • Low/zero mana cards can be used effectively to counter Dragon Jumper. Due to the Opportunity ability Dragon Jumper attacks the lowest health enemy monster. Imagine Dragon Jumper costing 7 mana with melee attack of 4 wasting a turn to kill zero mana FURIOUS CHICKEN. What a waste!!!
  • Using shield via summoner/monsters can also render Dragon Jumper ineffective. Since Dragon Jumper don't have Piercing ability so they would require two turns to take out petty cards low mana cards.


In order to use Dragon Jumper to their full capacity, one should use them in high mana battles. High mana battles (e.g. 99 mana) have large number of rounds and allow the Dragon Jumper to be fully effective.

So, what do you think about Dragon Jumper. Do you agree with my analysis and proposed strategies??? Do you have any other strategy when it comes to Dragon Jumper???

Feel free to share with me!!!


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Comments 11

The Dragon Jumper is the only Untamed legendary that I bought in goldfoil because it is so good. :)


07.01.2020 15:05

Oh...great... that is so awesome...A legendary gold.They are so expensive.
Although I love gold cards. But since I am low on funds, I prefer spending my money to buy simple legendary and epics than buying a legendary gold.

07.01.2020 15:09

Yes, that's right. I only got it because it was on sale and comes directly on a higher level. I usually buy the more affordable cards as well. ;)

07.01.2020 15:13

Thanks for curating...It means a lot...
I will be writing more card reviews...

07.01.2020 15:15

Great post and he is an amazing card! An upvote is on the way!

07.01.2020 18:58


07.01.2020 20:01

07.01.2020 18:59

07.01.2020 19:01

Yes, I like the distraction of the furious chicken that allows cards like this to try to assassinate the useless ones.

Except... Fallen spectra, but then again its speed might have dodged this guy.

Question though: I am still not very understandable on meelee arrangements. I realised that I meelees without the sneak or jump (from 2nd position) will not jump queue to attack even if it has a faster speed... am I correct?

08.01.2020 06:48