Don't Underestimate The Untamed (Even Commons)


Hello Steem Monster Lovers

Today I used(incorporated) untamed monsters into my play for the first time and I love watching their new abilities.
Untamed monsters posses some unique and awesome abilities that can surprise the opponents.
Where as most of the people tend to focus on epic and legendary monsters but common and rare monsters if used right can also prove quite lethal.

Today I am gonna share with you the gameplay of an amazing untamed common monsters.



This little devil reminds me of EXPLODING DWARF due to it's ability to significantly impact the outcome of battles, if not dealt with early in the battle. It possesses a unique capability call OPPORTUNITY, meaning it has the ability(chance) to attack most vulnerable enemy monster(anywhere, no position is safe).
Just add the SERPENTINE SPY to your team with MALRIC INFERNO as summoner to give it 3 attack and watch it wreak havoc among enemy ranks.
Just remember to protect it from sneak, snipe and blast attacks, meaning place it in back ranks with protection on both sides.

Have a look at my recent battle:


How to counteract SERPENTINE SPY???

Seriously, I haven't encountered it so far but I have these strategies in mind.

  • Use monsters with some shield in back row.
  • Use monsters retaliate or thorns ability in the back.
  • Use monster with sneak/snipe.

What will be your strategy??? Don't hesitate to share with me in comments below.


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