Capture Pocket - Handheld 4k Camera with Stabilizers

Capture Pocket

Handheld 4k Camera with Stabilizers


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Capture Pocket is a 3 axis stabilized handheld 4k pocket camera, that allows you to capture all awesome moments of your life.

  • Voice control
  • Support for external mic
  • Wireless connection with phone
  • Facial recognition



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30.10.2019 15:00

Thanks :)

30.10.2019 15:12

Looks great! I think with this device become possible to create excellent action videos👍

30.10.2019 15:14

@xabi hello dear friend, this device that you present to us is great, it is just the right size to take it everywhere, you never know when you will be facing something beautiful to capture, I really like your loan, and the possibility of incorporating a microphone It is unique. excellent hunting

30.10.2019 15:22

The Capture Pocket Super Early Bird Combo is worth the buy at $160. The only limitation is that, it ships to only certain countries.

30.10.2019 15:23

Hi dear @xabi your product is really appreciable and easier to use and capture the all scene of nature with 4k resolutions. I really appreciate your effort and I look forward to your next step with best wishes. I hope that we see something new and different hunt an other one's.

30.10.2019 18:22

A nice and innovative product to capture best desired scenes in good quality. Good Hunt

30.10.2019 19:46

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

This is one of the Smartest 4k Camera I have ever seen and I am must it gonna rock in the market. It is small, portable and powerful even I would love to have one. So, Can you tell me about its price?

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

31.10.2019 01:45

Great hunt, it's so small and can help create better quality videos. Am not a heavy d.tuber but if I had to make instructional vids, at 160 bucks, this thing is a steal.

31.10.2019 05:04

WoW looks pretty cool handheld stabilized camera, capable of shooting 4K videos, along with Full HD 120 fps slow motion videos and 12MP stills pretty amazing. I think this stabilized camera forms a viable alternative to GoPro action cameras, capable of producing great quality videos on the go. Awesome Find

31.10.2019 07:36

Hello dear friend
Really wonderful pocket camera that provide facility voice recognition, face recognition, slow motion as well as other wonderful features with no complex setup. Its weight is almost 150 g. that is why it is portable and allows eight time slow motion capture with automatic focus and control. Really impressive and useful search.

31.10.2019 10:26

Capture Pocket is handy to capture 4K image with 60 frame per seconds. Image stability, small size and facial recognition make it perfect to capture your memorable moments. Nice hunt

31.10.2019 12:42


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