Caim Voice Alert - Parent's voice to help children in case of emergncy

Caim Voice Alert

Parent's voice to help children in case of emergncy


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Caim Voice Alert is a unique alert system that gives parents peace of mind by using their voice at their child's bedside to quickly and effectively wake up and guide the child to safety.

Children has a deep sleep cycle and it can be difficult to wake and guide them in case of emergencies. The Caim Voice Alert system works on the fact that the children respond quickly to the familiar voices.
It has two comments, the transmitter an inner circle installed next to conventional alarm and the outer ring installed near to the children.

When the conventional alarm sounds the transmitter activates the receiver, which starts a special pre recorded message of the parent's voice to help children wake up and guide them.


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18.07.2019 20:22

Actually just yesterday i was talking to someone. There was an emergency but they couldn't reach safe spot because they could not wake up their kid, as he was in deep sleep cycle. Now they are no more.

19.07.2019 02:32

This is such fantastic hunt beacuse it will to wake-up child in case of emergency. Technology is best used when it saves life and it's the one of that kind. I am glad to see that that something exist like this in case of emergency. This is an impressive hunt. Thanks for sharing.

19.07.2019 02:51

This is a life saving device which can be used in many circumstances.this is the need of every house.because many people have dead due to sleep of their children in time of emergency.

19.07.2019 06:26

This is quite amazing. Children often get settled by hearing their parent's voice as that gives them more comfort. A nice piece of device implemented for a good cause.
Nice Hunt.

19.07.2019 06:34

We all love our kids and want them to be always safe.but sometimes we don't know how can we take some steps.but we have simply the solution as having this device for us to use it in time of emergency.our children will be safe in time of need.

19.07.2019 08:58

The truth is we all can't deny that emergencies occurs anytime of the day, and we need to be heard by our kids.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all

19.07.2019 13:44

This device is really useful for parents and to their kids to stay aware with your kids and gives them comfort when their kids need it.

19.07.2019 14:59


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