We Have More Than We Know, The Objective Is To Avoid Plan “Z” - Episode 2248b

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The [DS]/MSM are pushing everything they have, they have fallen right into the trap that the patriots have set for them. This is all part of the plan and it had to be this way. We have more than we know, it was avoiding Plan Z at all costs and exposing the [DS] to the people.

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Thanks again for sharing your work and bringing us the X22Report, Dave. Thanks, Q.
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13.08.2020 00:58


13.08.2020 14:34

Thank you for the work Dave!

13.08.2020 14:34

Thus far, Dave, you have proven to be completely full of shit. You have been saying the same thing for years now, and absolutely nothing has happened. This Durham person is nothing more than a New England phoney who is simply 'there' as a foil. He will do nothing. He's there to fool the people and appease the patriots. You want to know how long an 'investigation' takes? About a day to a week. If you, Dave were suspected of perpetrating a crime, you would be locked up and arrested on the first day of suspicion, and the 'investigation' would be ongoing until your trial. It's the people like Durham and Barr that we really have to get rid of. These people are nothing more than Trojan horses. What this is going to come down to is real fighting, I mean physical fighting, if you really want your country back. You will see that this Durham phoney will end up doing nothing, or at best arresting a few low-level patsies. And that is only if Trump is reelected. If not, no one will be arrested, except for a bunch of patriots. You, Dave are really doing more harm than good. You see, it has already been demonstrated that the American 'patriots' are nothing more than a bunch of cowards. Do they protest and defy the bullshit wearing of masks? NO. Do they defend the cities against the rioters and looters? NO. Do they put in place a bunch of socialists in congress in 2018 to 'put a check on Trump'? YES. I guess that you're having a lot of fun with your little podcasts here, where you pretend that you're giving people hope, but what you're really doing is taking advantage and making money by selling all of the bullcrap that you sponsor. It's like a parent reading a fairy tale to her child at bedtime, pretending that there is a better world somewhere else, when the real intent is to get that child to go to sleep so that the parent can get rid of the kid for a while. Dave, you might actually believe in what you are saying is going to happen, but you really don't know anything. You have no proof of anything that could happen in the future. Yes, you present a lot of proof of all of the wrongdoing that is taking place, but we all know about that, and the proof is there for anyone to see, if they care to dig. But, you talk about Q, and what Q said, etc..., and that somehow is proof of what is to come. Yet nothing at all has happened in the almost 4 years that Trump has been president. Yes, he has a done a lot of things that the conservatives like, for example, starting to build the wall, or appointing a few 'conservative' judges, or pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord. However, these are things that can be easily reversed in one day if the Ds get back into the presidency and/or the senate. Until the American people decide to fight to take their country back, everything that Trump does and will do can be easily reversed in no time. But, the American people have proven themselves to be cowardly, lazy, ignorant, and depraved, and nothing will ever happen to reverse the course that we are on. Bottom line: Americans, as a whole are not good, and that's why they lost their country.

13.08.2020 16:58