Truth Belongs To The People,Public Awakening,Treason,Fraud,[Knowingly],Down She Goes - Ep. 2362b

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Trump and the patriots are preparing shift everything on Jan 6, optics are very important. Trump and the patriots are now showing the people everything, how the [DS] created an illusion that we are all living in. This is a public awakening and more and more are waking up. The clock is now running out for the [DS]/MSM, tick tock.

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The ones that I bought all failed, because the plastic switch in the end isnt secured, and falls into the body of the flashlight, rendering it both useless and worthless. Ive had to drill a small hole in the endcap and thread a screw into the end cap to hold the switch in place in order for it to work reliably.

27.12.2020 02:41

Thanks again for sharing the @x22report. Wait until the new and improved Atomic COVID-19 goes nuclear.

27.12.2020 03:19