Trump Just Dropped The Economic Hammer, It Has Begun - Episode 2125a

The economic storm is here, the market continue to make huge swings down and up. China is losing the economic power as the US becomes stronger. The IRS does not want to extend the tax period, [CB] not controlled. Trump now unleashed the economic hammer, the economy is now turning.

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Comments 3

All the people who think that we're gonna have a 3 week quarintine and than everything will go back to normal are delusional. The bubble has popped, it's over, finish! Great depression, get used to it.

18.03.2020 23:01

We are getting out from this central bank system to the New World Order system. Total control.

20.03.2020 00:15

Thanks again, Dave. I am not confident that this is going to unfold as smoothly as we wish. Get prepared.

20.03.2020 02:01