Trump & The Patriots Sent A Message, [DS] Event Countered - Episode 2061b

The [DS] pushed an event in Iraq, they thought they were going to get Trump into a  long drawn out event, but it backfired, like always Trump did the unexpected he countered the [DS] in such a way that it sent a message to all [DS] blacksites. The [DS] is no longer in control the patriots are.

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Comments 2

Thanks again for sharing your work, Dave.

04.01.2020 03:37

The Bolsheviks appreciate your support in their conquest of the middle east --> world, at the behest of America's and its victim's blood and honor.
What a precedence to set for the world stage.
I wonder if it works both ways.
I guess we now get to see. All the world is a stage, and the circus is on.

Netenyahoo and gang, are very happy. Their King came through.
I wonder if world leaders will start offing each other now....That would be an interesting show indeed!

04.01.2020 07:19