This How You Know We Are At The End Stage Of A [CB] System, Transition Prepped - Episode 1987a

Boris Johnson is preparing the trap for the EU and the Elite, he proposed the same plan as the EU and they rejected it. The US unemployment fell to 3.5% and the Hispanic has fallen to an all new low of 3.9%. The [CB] system is imploding and now we can see the toll it is taking on the everyday person, this is what happens when the [CB] system fails.

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Thanks again for sharing your work, Dave. The Youth has been ensnared in a student debt trap.

05.10.2019 02:54

LOL 😂 You mean that the socialist can now finance their AIR JORDANS from the ghetto⁉️🤣😂😆😂 PRICELESS‼️👏👍

06.10.2019 00:51