The Great Reset Will Not Happen Silver Is The Bank Killer - Bix Weir

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Today’s Guest: Bix Weir

Website: Road To Roota

Bix discusses how the great reset is not going to happen. The establishment is not in control of the narrative and the people realize the great reset will not benefit them. The [CB] system is imploding and silver will be the bank killer. Everything is about to change and this is going to be a very rough transition into a new economic system. This is a chance to back control of the economy.

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Thanks for coming onto Dave's X22ReportSpotlight, and sharing your work, Bix Weir. Thanks for bringing us the X22Report, Dave. Actually, the current USA Five Cents Nickel coin, with a $.052 Copper/Nickel/ melt value, make be the only real, sound money out there. And the zinc cent/penny is not far behind. A current $.25 Quarter Dollar's melt value is $.049. Go figure.

20.12.2020 04:33

The Face Values of our Bullion Coinage, must always be Higher than their Melt Values...
December 20, 2020... 5.4 Hollywood Time...

20.12.2020 13:22

Here you go... Naturally, Bix doesn't have my answers...

21.0 Hollywood Time...

20.12.2020 04:58