The [DS] Has Run Out Time, Expose, Drain The Swamp, Fire At Will - Episode 2008b

The [DS] is running out of time, they are trying to impeach before the indictments are unsealed. Barr and Durham are further along than previously thought. The resolution that Pelosi is pushing is going to be voted on. AS and NP have no evidence and the witnesses they have been calling have no evidence to give, the entire sham is falling apart. Flynn's case falling apart, SP has pushed the Mueller team to the edge and they are about to fold. This entire process has been exposed to the public, enjoy the show.

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Comments 3

Public executions ❗️

01.11.2019 13:12

Have you noticed that there has been no mass shooting since the impeachment hearings started?

04.11.2019 22:09

Thanks again, Dave. Coup d'état, illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power.

05.11.2019 18:00