Prosecutor Outside Of DC Ready To Bring Pain, Patriots Set The Timetable - Episode 2068b

The [DS] is panicking, the fake impeachment is in trouble, NP is trapped by her own doing. Trump is calling her out and exposing her and everyone behind this. WaPo tries to get ahead of the Huber's investigation on HRC. What if there is a second prosecutor outside of the US with the same mandate, pain is coming. The Iranian people are protesting against their government, there is now an internal battle between good guys and bad guys in Iran. The Declass is coming, there is no other way [Except 1], it will be on the patriots timetable.

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Don't look at me, I didn't vote for 'em. Qust the incumbents! Term limits.

13.01.2020 04:43

When is adam schiff going to release all the evidence he claims he has?

13.01.2020 16:51