Placeholders Ready, Declas, Indictments, Will Force WW Coverage - Episode 1957b

Trump's assistant resigns after leaking information. Comey violated FBI policies 25 times. Comey believed he was above the FBI policies and was on a political agenda to trap the president. Joe D says that Obama needs to be interviewed when the FISA report comes out. Get ready for it all because it is coming. Place holders ready, this will change everything. Brennan lashes out at Trump, those who scream the loudest. Darpa needs an underground tunnel system ASAP,

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@x22report, In this world in my opinion we are sensing that big changes are occurring and specially one picture is common all over the world and that is Protests.

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31.08.2019 01:49

Thanks again, Dave. Jim Jordan is a real American Patriot.

31.08.2019 02:04

I found several entrances to deep underground bunkers in the Chicagoland area . Look up THE DEEP TUNNEL PROJECTS . They’re all FAKE❗️Those are tunnels leading to deep underground bases .

05.09.2019 20:42