Operatives Hunted Down, [DS] Plan Backfired, No Place To Hide - Episode 1971b

The NYT put out a fake story about Kavanaugh and they were caught so the made a correction, but why did they do it. The presidential candidates jumped on board and called for the impeachment of Kavanaugh. Obama and friends prepare to defend McCabe. Trump point the finger and DS corruption on how they make their money.  RSBN was censored by YT, now the can't live stream. The [DS] [CB] tried to crash the economy, Trump and the patriots countered, and now the patriots are preparing to take the [DS] operatives out, moves and countermoves. This is not a game.

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Thanks again, Dave. A new york times newspaper is great for washing windows. A 1913 Sunday new york times cost three cents in 1913. It must have had a good Sports Section.

17.09.2019 02:46