MSM Manipulates Economic Numbers, Trump Controls The Economic Narrative - Episode 1997a

The MSM is trying to make the people believe that the economy is weak because they are pushing a recession, they know that Trump controls the economic narrative and he has the magic wand. Trump is letting the people know that if he is not in office we will enter a depression. The Fed is prepared for another rate cut.

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Comments 3

Thanks again, Dave. Sound money will be hard to come by. Get it while you still can.

17.10.2019 00:06

This country’s name should be FAKE❗️

17.10.2019 13:58

I don't know, Dave. I have a manufacturing business and big-ticket sales (which I produce) are almost non-existient right now. The economic outlook seems a bit more accurate that what you think.

18.10.2019 14:40