MSM Getting Ahead Of Stories, Panic, It’s Going To Be A Very Hot [Spring/Summer] - Episode 2099b

The [DS]/MSM are pushing new stories to get ahead of what is coming, this will fail. The MSM/[DS] are prepared and ready to spin the truth, but this will fail. Barr needed the correct optics and now we see why, the MSM/[DS] are pushing their list of "officials" who say Barr should resign, this is meaningless, this is for show, it is not a grass roots uprising of officials. The Patriots are now moving in for the kill, the attacks, the stories, the officials the events are going to increase, it is going to be a long hot spring and summer.

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Comments 1

Thanks again, Dave. Loretta Lynch, Supreme Court Justice? Talk about a chill down the spine. Wake up!

18.02.2020 19:32