Messages Are Being Projected By The [DS], Distractions On Deck, Incoming - Episode 2021b

The [DS] fake impeachment is now in free fall, they are scrambling for a backup plan. Distractions are on deck. As the [DS] pushes to get Trump there is a side effect to all of this, the truth is coming out and the evidence is now being produced and spread around the internet. Everything the [DS] is trying to do is going to backfire on them. The [DS] players are now sending messages, they know what is coming and they letting each other know.

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Comments 4

Thanks again, for shining light on the corruption, Dave.

15.11.2019 17:30

Yes really, truth affect corruption, see you next time too.

18.11.2019 04:58

"is trying to do is going to backfire on them"

Yes, they surely use the bad image properties too, and with it, it melts down them with it. Properly will...

18.11.2019 05:02