Message Sent and Received, It’s Hammer Time, Those Responsible Will Be Punished - Episode 2039b

The [DS] is in a panic, DC is in a panic, the fake impeachment is not going to help their agenda, it is going to have the opposite effect. RG visits Ukraine during the fake impeachment hearing, presents new evidence, says US and Ukraine should work together to stomp out corruption. Ivanka Trump sends a message, Q drops more bread and lets us know that DC is panicking.

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Re: Twitter and shadow-banning, I moved over to the federated Mastadon social network. Because it's distributed, censorship is very difficult to do on it.

07.12.2019 04:31

Pure speculation. X22Report cites no executive orders and no viable legislative action. Only one vague tweet.

If trump is taking out or restructuring the fed, he sure is keeping all that under his hat, which means by the end if his second term, nothing will change involving the fed, whatsoever.

07.12.2019 16:25