Manchurian Candidate,Stealth Bomber,Special Package Delivery - Episode 1927b

The MSM is at it again with their poll numbers, Trump calls them on it.  The Government has brought back the death penalty and panic is setting in. Durham moves forward with the investigations, it's happening. Trump is looking into Google, Barr moves forward against big tech. Clandestine explains who the stealth bomber might be. Q drops more bread, nothing will stop what is coming, nothing. Nunes is going to receive a special package, Barr is in full control, the manchurian candidate is in the news.

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This bill, which is worse than the EU Copyright Directive, needs to be voted down ASAP:

28.07.2019 09:16

"The Government has brought back the death penalty," that must have sent some shockwaves down some spinal cords.

28.07.2019 14:08