Judy Shelton Blocked, The [CB] Moves Forward, Countermeasures In Place - Ep. 2331a

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The [CB]/[DS] are now patting themselves on the back, they have the people exactly where they want them, but do they really. The [CB] fell right into the trap, they accelerated their plan and blocked Judy Shelton. Countermeasures in place. The battle of all battles.


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Thanks again for bringing us the X22Report, Dave. Yes, I thought Judy Shelton was going to bring back a
Gold Eagle 3.jpg
Gold Standard.

18.11.2020 06:34

The fed will never bring back a gold standard. They depend on Fiat for there existence and power. The Treasury could bring back gold standard but that would require some major changes. Gold backed block chain is also possible way to go with full convertibility.

18.11.2020 16:04