[JB] Is Moving The Economy Right Where The Patriots Want It, Crisis, Action, Solution - Ep. 2439a

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The [DS]/[CB] are doing exactly what the patriots want, how do you introduce a new economic system, you must create a crisis that shows the people that we need to make a change. [JB] is now moving forward with the infrastructure which, stimulus that will destroy the country.


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I wish you'd stop pushing the Crypto's... More than likely, they will Crash as soon as our U.S. Electronic Coinage is Activated... You'd be better off pushing Copper Pennies and Nickels...
March 29, 2021... 18.0 Hollywood Time...

30.03.2021 01:00

Thanks again for keeping us updated & informed and for bringing us the @x22report, Dave.

31.03.2021 17:17