Gold Has Been Weaponized, [CB] System Pushed To The Extreme - Episode 1935a

The Chinese are devaluing their currency to combat the tariffs that Trump placed on them. Trump calls out the Fed and says we need to do more, we need more rate cuts. Trump is now pushing the [CB] economy to the extreme, the question is why, a crisis will allow Trump to usher in a new economy. While all this is happening gold is skyrocketing, its almost as if this was planned.

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Thanks again, Dave. Is it true that there is less than one troy Ounce of Gold per person?

06.08.2019 14:34

I'm thinking that may be true.

Current world population = 7,722,700,000 people

BBC Report How much gold is there in the world?

Their latest figure for all the gold in the world is 171,300 tons.
But not everyone agrees with the GFMS figures.
Estimates range from 155,244 tons, marginally less than the GFMS figure, to about 16 times that amount - 2.5 million tons.

So one short ton = 32,000 ounces.

Using Thomson Reuters GFMS annual gold survey.
171,300 tons x 32,000 ounces = 5,481,600,000 ounces / 7,722,700,000 people = .7098oz per person. Less than one ounce per person.

Larger estimate.
2,500,000 tons x 32,000 oz = 80,000,000,000 / 7,722,700,000 people = 10.36oz per person

Here's to hoping you have more than your share.
Keep stacking.

If you are not stacking, you should be.

06.08.2019 17:52