Forever Message Sent and Received, We Have More Than We Know - Episode 1935b

AOC is now being investigating and their are more than one complaint filed against her. Omar, is being investigated. [JC] is part of a grand conspiracy, the slam-dunk is coming soon, the DOJ is just getting warmed up. Judicial Watch is now suing California, the new law requiring Trump to produce his tax returns is unconstitutional. Trump gives his condolences to the people of Ohio and Texas and says they are starting an investigation into the entire event, this will be a quick and swift investigation and those responsible will get the death penalty. Trump sends a forever message, message received.

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Comments 3

Thank you Dave for your report.

06.08.2019 00:18

Thanks for all you do!!!

06.08.2019 02:27

Thanks again, Dave. Thanks again, Tom Fitton, for protecting the USA. Judicial Watch is awake.

06.08.2019 14:58