Episode 2321b - The Sting Operation Has Begun, Trump Knew, Be Ready, EAS On Deck

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The [DS]/MSM fell right into the trap, they had this planned and they needed RGB to carry it out. They never expected her to pass, now they needed to go full steam ahead and push their plan as hard as possible. The problem, the patriots set them up, they are now catching them in the act, this is a sting operation. Trump has been blocked many times on social media and now there are calls to ban him, EAS is now on deck.


Comments 2

I cannot say that I don't want Trump over Biden but the Fed and Elite are the enemy and Biden is a small fish. Trump did some stuff that I thought was in the right direction but he was not helping the middle class much. I hope we can get out of our current military actions and not start any more in the next 4 years.

06.11.2020 22:51

Thanks again for bringing us the X22Report, Dave. Yes, there are those that think fraud and corruption is acceptable.

09.11.2020 00:25