Do You Feel The Heat Of Summer, True Evil Is About To Be Revealed To The World - Episode 2223b

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The [DS]/MSM first event will be coming to and end, the [DS]/MSM are now preparing the 2nd event to be pushed forward right before the election, be prepared for a FF. The pandemic will be winding down, people have been brought to the edge and now the facts are coming out about masks, once the mask is off the entire event falls apart. The silent majority is growing, soon, very soon silent ones will be as one voice.

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Comments 3

Thanks again for sharing your work, Dave and the X22Report. Wait until the Student Silent Majority speaks out.

14.07.2020 00:00

Great report Dave. Thank you for your work.

14.07.2020 01:23

Thanks again for bringing us the X22Report, Dave.

14.07.2020 17:58