Cross Fire Hurricane, Clear Abuse Of FISA, People Will Be Held Accountable - Episode 2041b

The [DS] held another round of fake impeachment hearing, same show different day. The IG released the report and the report show that the FBI withheld exculpatory evidence to obtain the FISA warrants, the IG lists many violations and Durham and Barr both released statements that there is much more to the story. The IG report was to name the players, outline what they did, the next level will show why they did it. Those who have committed treason will be held accountable.

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*"Those who have committed treason will be held accountable."*

## The truth is that The Horror Witch is there to protect The Swamp. Same basically with Barr. Except he and Durham are going mostly after those who were part of Cross-Fire-Hurricane but in a separate inquiry. And it will take-down only low hanging fruit, perhaps foreigners, as Mueller did. No big names to be taken-down...they are all SES and must protect each other. Big swamp creatures being taken-down? That is all hogwash. The Big Witch will walk, as are all of the other big name criminals. No "mass arrests". No "military tribunals in Guantanamo...." Just more work by the SES to protect the swamp and go after this "low hanging fruit", basically. The most these people will get from The Horror Witch Horowitz is a sensitivity training, a slap on the wrist, as during his previous horror report.

**Please, no more lies. No more "Q" AnonSense please. "Trust SESsions, Wray...." Really? How many "Q" predictions have all failed now? Come-on!! No more Pay-Tree-Ot Soap Box lies please!**

**More details here:**

**Operation Shut-Down The Swamp of D.C. & End the Swampeachment!**

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Thanks again, Dave. One had better get their pantry stocked up.

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