Check Mate, Investigations [Schift] To The Senate, It’s Going To Be Biblical - Episode 2029b

The [DS] fake impeachment has not worked, the patriots have trapped the [DS] and no matter which they turn it is check mate. NP/AS and the [DS] players are now panicking, JB is now lashing out, we will see others do they same very soon. The Senate was the target and now the investigation are shifting to the Senate.  This is going to be biblical. Q drops more bread, confirms that the patriots are in control.

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Thanks again for your reports, Dave. Thank You for your work, Devin Nunes, you American Patriot you. Thanks for your farming production, too.

25.11.2019 04:47

Who do you think should get in trouble for lying about the President?

25.11.2019 05:23