Chatter Intercepted, High Alert, Patriots Ready To Counter The Next Event - Episode 1988b

The MSM is now preparing the public for Biden dropping out the race. The [DS] is now pushing the agenda to bring in more whistleblowers, now there is a second one, even though the call transcript is public. The house has not voted on impeachment and they are not sending subpoenas they are sending letters. Patriots have heard chatter that the [DS] is preparing something, Marines called into action, no your surroundings, Patriots ready to counter.

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Comments 4

Deep State is screwed now, TRUMP activated the Marine Corps Reserves 😎

06.10.2019 23:27

Dave, appreciate your deep research.

07.10.2019 02:35

Is it time to EXTERMINATE all the COMMUNIST yet⁉️🤨

07.10.2019 14:05

Thanks again, Dave. The msm is aiding and abetting the corruption working against many.

07.10.2019 14:10