Chatter, Chandler Naming Names, Nothing Can Stop This - Episode 1940b

The movie The Hunt was canceled after Trump tweets out about it. FEC complaint has been filed against Joaquin Castro. Judge allows libel suit against NPR related to Seth Rich to proceed.  Trump and the patriots will use the FCC and FTC to fight the censorship on social media. Protest continue in France. JE has committed suicide, the autopsy report will be released soon but their are many anomalies in the story, where were the guards, why did the cameras fail, what material did JE use to hang himself, did he have help. This does not stop the case against him, this was started to get all the players involved, nothing can stop this, nothing.

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Thanks Dave. I find it hard to believe security would be so slack that suicide can happen. Waiting to hear more about it.

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11.08.2019 23:16

Thanks for keeping us updated!

12.08.2019 03:40

Thanks again, for keeping the information flowing, Dave. The truth will come out.

12.08.2019 15:19