[CB]s Are Panicking, The Global Economy Is Failing, This Event Will Not Cover It Up - Episode 2082a

The [CB] are panicking, their entire fake economy is coming apart at the seems, they never got the event they needed and now they need a huge distraction and an explanation of why the system crashed on their watch. Trump signals the Fed to lower rates.

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What it will happen if Trump loses in 2020? What is going to happen? The ship will be turning the other way around? The Democrats will have the power or total control and the United States of America will turn a socialist's country? Everything that you have been saying it is sounds too good to be truth. If Trump wins the re-election, what is going to be the guarantee that what you are saying is what is really going to happen. Trump can not be on power forever. I think, it is a matter of time to see the results. The economy is going down, that is a fact but the elimination of the central bank system, if that really happens, the next system is going to be a cashless sociality under total control, not a decentralized one.

29.01.2020 04:23

Thanks again, Dave for your consistent reporting. A little precious metal will go a long way with little prepping. 2k.jpg

29.01.2020 05:41