[CB] Is Panicking Over Bitcoin, Bitcoin Is Just Like Gold - Ep. 2433a

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The Biden administration is now getting caught up in lies. The people are no longer believing the promises. Illegals are set to receive stimulus money. Biden is preparing to spend another 3 trillion for infrastructure.The Fed is now panicking, says bitcoin is like gold, not money.


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If you ask me, they're using Bitcoin as a "means" to get people away from Cash, so they can usher in their Great Digital (Slave Unit) Reset...

Think about how the Central Bank Owners are making us AFRAID of CASH...

You're Falling for their Misdirection...

March 22, 2021... 19.2 Hollywood Time...

23.03.2021 02:12

Thanks again for keeping us updated and informed, X22Report and Dave.

25.03.2021 16:34