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A Week To Remember, Watch The Watch, It’s Time - Episode 1921b

Trump wants to know where all the aid went in PR, we know that many have been arrested. The MSM and politicians are distracting the public from what is coming. DS goes deep and shows proof that Omar was married to her brother. The 11th hour candidate is being revealed.  Peace is coming in Afghanistan and the [DS] does not like this. The [DS] pushes the envelope when it comes to Iran. Q drops more bread, the keystone is the key, once the keystone is removed the structure falls. Watch the watch, it's time. Flynn changes his header, bring the heat.

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Comments 2

You are so correct in what you report, and that is that the truth is coming out. However, you are overlooking one important thing: the people are too stupid, corrupt, and sinful themselves to really care at all about the egregious crimes of our 'leaders'. That is why 'they' will probably get away with it all, and why 'they' are already getting away with crimes such as treason, sedition, etc... This country and this world is going down specifically because of the sinfulness, stupidity, and corruption of the everyday American, or the American people in general. You and I and the rest of the patriots are outraged, but a corrupt and sinful people will not fight, because they have no convictions. We already see the egregious crimes of many of our 'leaders', but nothing is done, and nobody gets arrested. No, America is a rotten, sinful place, and it is going down, and so too will the rest of the world. I believe that most patriots are Christians, and if that is so, then let me state that do you think that God is pleased with country that has justified over 40 years of murder that we call abortion? Not to mention all of the other sins and crimes of the people. The only reason that God would/might stop the hell on earth that is coming is for the sake of the remaining Christians or patriots. But, there simply are not enough of us, worldwide for God to step in. Dave, do you really think that enough Americans will be outraged when the truth comes out about all the 'leaders' who participated with Epstein? When the average American is just as rotten and sinful as these 'leaders'. Is watching porn or homosexuality or adultery less sinful than say, pedophilia? If so where in the Bible does it point that out? I admire you message, Dave, and your thoroughness, but I have little hope that anything will be done to correct all of the crimes and sins of our 'leaders'.

20.07.2019 15:24

Thanks again, Dave. You get the government you deserve.

23.07.2019 01:40