93 Days Of Darkness, Rig For Red, Stand By For Battle Surface - Episode 2011b

The [DS] fake impeachment is now going to be exposed, the whistleblower is going to exposed and the people will see that it was setup, this is all part of the plan. 8chan is now 8kun and it is back, Q is posting again, get ready because after 93 days of darkness it is time to return.

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You can also access 8Kun via LokiNet. It is slow but it works. Info here:

04.11.2019 05:10

Thanks again, Dave. Thanks for delivering the news.

05.11.2019 00:30

I’m going to need a bailout check for all the gross incompetence , negligence , and malfeasance conducted by the federal government ❗️🤨

06.11.2019 21:09