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Go Virtual User Instruction

Tourism happens to be an industry which integrates with modern technology at a very rapid pace. From hotel reservations to buying plane tickets; everything can now be done online. Pictures and videos are getting utilized regularly in advertisement by resorts and tourism officials, and it’s incredibly easy for a Bangladeshi to sit at Dhaka and be dazzled by pictures taken in Cox’s Bazar or even in Bali, Indonesia.

However, a debate that commonly arises is that pictures and videos are often doctored and they only highlight the beautiful parts, or simply that they do not reveal enough information, offering only a two-dimensional view. Tourists now want to a genuine “feel” of a place before they visit it- and that is just what the VR-based “Go Virtual” app delivers.

The function of “Go Virtual” will be pretty simple. User will only need a mobile with the “Go Virtual” app installed and a VR headset.

Imagine a user takes out his phone, turns on the “Go Virtual” app, and fits the mobile onto the VR headset. In the user interface of the headset, the app will show a list of resorts and hotels to choose from. After making a choice, the app will offer a three-dimensional tour of the establishment. The user will be able to see the different spots within the resort/hotel, such as the accommodation facility or the swimming pool or gym, or the restaurant. They will see these places in Virtual Reality mode; as if they themselves are present on the spot in the center of the room.

The users will thus be able to get a 3-D view of the resort/hotel. The interface of the app will contain a click-based option which will allow users to move from one part of the vicinity to another. So the users will be able to check the entirety of the resort/hotel, and make a fair assessment as to whether the pictures and videos used in advertisement actually portray a true and balanced picture of the establishment. They will then be able to make a decision as to whether they want to visit the resort/hotel or not.

Key features of the “Go Virtual”
1. 3D visualization of different facilities inside a resort/hotel
2. Ability to change the view from one part of the establishment to another
3. Details and location of the establishment

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