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Inside Wat Chalong


If you have the idea of ​​visiting Thailand and in particular Phuket Island, and if you like to spend two hours in tranquility, I recommend you visit the Buddhist temple of Wat Chalong. In 2016 I was near Patong, where I stayed with a friend of mine in a guest house and he advised me to visit the most important temple on the island. Since I wanted to move independently and the taxis/tuk tuk were a little too expensive (in Phuket the prices are very high), I decided to rent a scooter with the intention of seeing the place. If I remember correctlyerience.




Arrivedut an hour, but also the time spent driving is an experience. Arrived at the place you enter a large square with different structures, one in particular called Jeedi, formed by several floors with a lot of statues of Buddha’s life and a relic containing a fragment of his bones. All around there are a lot of other mobjects.


I bough a small market where you can buy food or religious objects. I bought a small bas-relief engraved on an old brick, depicting one of the two monks to whom the temple was dedicated. In the evening when I returned to Patong, they recommended an antique shop where I bought a pendant made of coconut, where I put my little monk inside. Personally it was one of the places that I liked the most about the island and I advise everyone to go and admire this special place of worship, as deeply! 💕


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