Monochrome Monday

Today is @old-guy-photo's #monochromemonday goodness. I do love me a good black and white photo. Today's photos are courtesy of Nature, and consist of Butterflies.


The thing about butterflies, to me, is that I don't know the first thing about them other than that they are very pretty and very majestic creatures. The emerge from a chrysalis. And .. well.. my knowledge ends there. I'm sure there are various categories of butterflies, and I'm sure they have a very complex taxonomy. To me they're all just pretty.


This one butterfly posed for me for awhile. I say "posed" when really I mean he stayed in the general vicinity for awhile. Butterflies rarely hold still. It required some patience to get these photos.


Ultimately the butterfly flew off and I sat my butt down on this bench to leaf through the pictures I just took. Yes, I took a picture of the bench, too.


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(c) Victor Wiebe

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I was gonna miss the butterfly! In mono mode, it looks like camouflage. Love the bench at the end.

17.09.2019 02:27

Thank you! The butterfly looks neat in colour, but the leaves are all boring and drab, so I felt that black and white was the right choice.

17.09.2019 12:42

thanks for showing me good photo

17.09.2019 03:04

You're welcome! I'm glad you like them.

17.09.2019 12:36

Gorgeous photos, really gorgeous. So many of us take pix of butterflies for the colors, but the monochrome works really well. I love all of these. That first one is major eye candy.

17.09.2019 03:41

Thank you very much! The butterfly's markings really lend itself well to black and white.

17.09.2019 12:43

I think those turned out well...especially the bench! :)

17.09.2019 07:50

Benches are always a good subject! For such a simple construction they're usually quite full of character.

17.09.2019 12:44


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17.09.2019 12:17

Thank you very much!

17.09.2019 12:44

Great shots! Who would have thought butterflies could be so great in black and white?

We just hatched our last monarch this weekend and the kids love freeing them so much.

Awesome subject.

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17.09.2019 12:38

Lovely black and whites of the Papillon's my friend.

17.09.2019 18:58

Howdy sir wwwiebe! Outstanding photos! Those must have been taken with the good camera.

21.09.2019 04:28

LOL! Yes, yes, they were. :) A Sony Alpha a58.

21.09.2019 12:42

But pretty soon we won't be able to tell because you'll get so good with the crappy cameras!

22.09.2019 01:00

Beautiful, the butterfly still looks so striking even in Balck and White.

21.09.2019 05:59

Thank you! Strong patterns and contrast make good black and white

21.09.2019 12:40

That's very true.

21.09.2019 13:38

Great images, especially the granularity of the textures.

The butterfly's wings almost look like they're made of short-haired fur.

Always enjoy viewing your work/art.

Namaste, Jaichai

22.09.2019 06:24

Hi @jaichai! Photography is definitely an enjoyable hobby. Thank you for the kind words!

22.09.2019 12:38

I do enjoy a black and white photo. Neat capture WW as butterflies are hard to photography as they like to flutter around.

22.09.2019 10:39

Oh you know it! For these three I think I threw away a good 20 snaps.

22.09.2019 12:32